Once Upon A Time…

Ever wonder how it all began? Well, late one night, on a stormy night….no, actually, it began like this: Bloxsun was founded in 2011 as a sun protective accessories brand for women looking for a discrete and luxurious way to cover up from the harmful rays of the sun. After having laser treatment on her […]

Colleges with Tanning Beds on Campus

Did you know? Where you even aware that there are colleges out there that have actual tanning salons or beds on campus? According to a report on JAMA Dermatology, of the top 125 Universities and Colleges ranked, “12 percent of the schools it surveyed have indoor tanning salons or beds available on campus — with Midwestern […]

Australia, Mate !

It’s official – we are now in the ‘land down under’! Bloxsun Sun Gloves and Sun Scarves are now available in Australia with our new fabulous vendor Sequins and Sand. http://www.sequinsandsand.com.au/ While we are just about to kiss summer goodbye in the Northern Hemisphere, other parts of the globe are gearing up to welcome the […]

The case of wanderlust

Athens, Cape Town, Lisbon, Galapagos Islands…the list is never ending as to where a flight can take you! But where to go first? Amongst the beauty of summer, comes potential travel decisions and arrangements for the glorious time away from the office we know as vacation. To help with the potentially stressful decision making process […]

Celebrate the Summer Holiday

Well Bloxsun beauties, are you ready for the holiday weekend? What’s that? Are you scratching your head, trying to recall a national holiday or festivity that has completely slipped your mind? Don’t worry, no need to jump in the car to buy bbq essentials, apple pie, and an assortment of conveniently packaged loud bits of […]

Summer Ready Father’s Day Style

This year we’re aiming to keep dad ‘cool’ for summer. Not that he won’t appreciate the typical tie, but just in case you want to up his style game… our Father’s Day gift picks help serve up some inspiration. Kiehls Face Fuel UPF 50+: Topping our list for summer sensible style is a men’s must-have… sunscreen! […]

Get Naked and Perform a Full Body Exam

Before we bid adieu to May, we want to stress the importance of checking yourself fully by doing a self skin check. Go #getnaked, as the Melanoma Research Foundation strongly advocates. The #getnaked campaign was launched this month to promote self inspection of one’s skin. Luckily for us, detection is simple- check all parts of […]

Safe Sun (and Stylin) Memorial Day Must Haves

Re-think sun protection for the holiday with our favorite essentials that will help preserve your style sensibilities. Here at Bloxsun we’re staunch believers in form meets function. So these must haves are big on pretty but even bigger on purpose. Birkenstocks are back and in a hip way! Comfort and updated style? We’re in! A […]